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"The ukulele, often a quirk of a backing band, is brought front and centre from its underdog status by Charissa to give the instrument a genuine legitimacy. This is a unique and powerful record held together by beautiful vocals and reflective music." -Danny Brothers, For Folk's Sake

"different view is an impressive debut showcasing Hoffman as a talented innovator and songwriter who deserves more attention in the coming years as she continues to explore Americana." -Kimberly Bright, Americana UK

"This is music that deserves a wide listenership and expands the Folk definition of composition and structure in song." -Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway

"The ukulele is the foundation of every song, mostly fingerpicked in dreamy hypnotic patterns above which she sings in a soothing but expressive voice that reminds me a little of early Joni Mitchell. Which is not to pigeonhole her in any way; she definitely has her own voice and her own approach to lyric writing, which mixes poetic imagery with confessional introspection that feels like eavesdropping on her thoughts." -Blair Jackson, Ukulele Magazine


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